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Dash Module #5 (Product Code DM5)

DM5 Overview

Dash Module #5 (or "DM5") is Knights of England's name for thee right-most section of the season 3/4 dash. Also known as the "Power Display", this module comprises the following:


DM5 Connections

DM5 Production Versions

The current production versions of this product are as follows:

COMPLETE MODULE:  v7.4 (module version defined by first 2 digits of PCB version)

PCB:  v7.4

OVERLAY:  v5F (for PCB v7.2 on)
v5TV (for PCB v7.2 on)

REAR PANEL:  v4 (for PCB v7.2)

DM5 Documents


DM5 Design Files and Software


DM5 Videos


DM5 Ordering Options

Complete Module
PRICE: £430 + shipping
(add plexiglass rear panel for £45)

without Aluminum Overlay
PRICE: £325 + shipping
(add plexiglass rear panel for £45)

Display Board Only
PRICE: £225+ shipping
(no GCM, overlay or rear panel)

GCM (Generic Control Module)
PRICE: £100 + shipping

PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
PRICE: £75 + shipping

Aluminum Overlay
PRICE: £105 + shipping

Plexiglass Rear Panel
PRICE: £45 + shipping

DM5 Development History & Earlier Versions